Pies & Tarts

Pies & Tarts

Pies and Tarts and Cookies…what else?

I grew up with my mom’s pies and tarts and muffins and cookies and cakes.  My memory of every special occasion has a recipe attached to it. 

My interest began with eating, and later on, living too far away to enjoy the holidays and special occasions that were always accompanied by family cooking, I took it upon myself to learn some of them myself while celebrating in my corner of the world.

Did I make apple pie in Mexico?  You bet! 
Cookies and muffins for my son?  Of course.
Tarts that are sometimes eaten far too quickly…. yeah, that too.


Apple – Pumpkin – Lemon

  • 9-inch Pie $23.00
  • Individual Pie $12.00

    Just enough to share


Saskatoon – Lemon – Pecan – Butter

  • Tarts by 4 $12.00
  • Cookies for sharing (or not) (6) $8.00
  • Cookies for sharing (12) $15.00
  • Muffins for guests!



  • A dozen zucchini, cranberry, coconut, pecan, raisin gluten-free $8.00
  • A baker’s dozen double chocolate & chocolate chip mix $9.00
  • Half dozen Shortbread & jam $8.00

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