Everyone is on an adventure when they come to the T-Rest.  Breakfast is meant to be an oasis in your journey.  This is a moment to enjoy quality coffee or tea, and savour something you may not often have elsewhere.  I strive to make the breakfasts as unique as the house.

You’ll find freshly ground Colombian coffee, orange juice, and a relaxing two course breakfast.  All breakfasts are served with either Greek yogurt with local berries reduced to a delicious compote or any one of the muffins, tarts, or sweet breads made here as well as seasonal mixed fresh fruit.  In the summer I source as much as I can locally,  (the Drumheller Farmer’s Market is a place to check out on Saturdays during the summer), and source from local businesses that produce quality foods right here in the valley.

Breakfast menus are determined according to the number of guests on any given day and will take into consideration food restrictions that are shared prior to arrival.  The following are just some of the options you can expect when you stay at The Tyrannosaurus Rest.


Spend less time meal planning and more time doing! Reserve any or all of the following meals when you book your stay and let us do the work!


Sandwiches & sweet treats with tea or coffee.


For explorers!
Nutritious and delicious, your lunch includes snacks, fruit, homemade baking, and a lunch that will fuel you to climb hills, wander museums, or to just sit in a park and watch the river.


For the exhausted wanderer, please request menu options in advance as they change daily.


Your family is welcome at our table.