Tyrannosaurus Rest will be closed for bookings until January 1st, 2024, for a private family holiday.
Please feel free to email for any bookings after this date. Thank you and happy holidays.



The Tyrannosaurus Rest was built over a century ago. It’s a solid house that has witnessed a lot of history. Like all century homes, this one is a project of love. I’ve looked to find a balance between respecting the character of the house while using updated materials, all while decreasing the inefficiencies of a large house with original single pane lead windows.

When you look at the house, you’ll see the design painted into the shaped shingles under the gables. The design replicates how the house looked in the oldest photo available. The exterior needed to be attended to. Cracked wood, peeling paint, and surprisingly little water damage needed to be addressed. The house was sanded, repaired, sealed, primed and painted in the fall of 2021.

It was a surprisingly big job considering it’s a brick house!


The concrete sidewalk was cracking and crumbling with years of water dripping on it year-round. Modern solutions are required for important issues. Chipped rubber from recycled tires is heated and mixed with an adhesive compound and the sidewalk is now safe, properly sloped, and looks great.

Old gutters were repaired by a very brave man on a very tall ladder. Shingles were replaced. The fence was built in the height of the lumber shortage. Worth it! A wood and metal builder of interesting yard works made the birdhouse fence.

Lighting has been updated to include the dragons on the side of the house. The lamp in the yard by the rock garden reminds me of Narnia. Inside, fixtures have returned to styles more suited to the house. Bedrooms have high speed internet and connections to recharge in a digital age.

The kitchen has evolved over decades of use. Layers of dated materials and styles needed a redo. The original hardwood was discovered under six layers of linoleum. Scraped, sanded, filled, sealed, buffed and varnished now, it’s back to where it was a century ago. Rather than fill it with modern cabinets, free standing cupboards, used in the era, share space with updated appliances and a comfortable working kitchen. That was a big one.

This house stands on its own as it is. It’s beautiful and comfortable. I look around and see potential for more. It’s my own fault my project list is so ambitious.

About Your Host

My name is Shawn. I was born and raised in Drumheller. I left to see some of the world, and for almost 40 years lived in different cities and countries. I always maintained a connection to town. My grandmother lived in Newcastle most of her life and I came home to see her as often as possible. It’s home.

Ironically, my grandfather and great-grandfather were employees of the Newcastle Mine, long before I was born. Although I never met them, I’m certain they would be proud (and a little surprised!) that their descendant lives in the Gouge home.

While living abroad, I was often receiving friends and family that came to visit. When I returned to Canada after more than two decades living outside of the country, friends made in my travels visited often. Operating a bed and breakfast wasn’t a difficult transition and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

My intention is to create a space that is comfortable and welcoming. I enjoy trying new recipes, and will sometimes share those with my guests. Sharing food is, in my opinion, what brings people together. The breakfast you enjoy at The Tyrannosaurus Rest is meant to pamper, be enjoyed, and provide you with something a little different that you may have at home.

I look forward to seeing you here in the valley and at The Tyrannosaurus Rest.